Partnerships are integral for ASOS and help drive industry change. Read more about our key partners.

Our partners

ACT on Living Wages

ACT is a ground-breaking agreement between global brands, retailers and trade unions to transform the garment, textile and footwear industry and achieve living wages for workers through collective bargaining at industry level linked to purchasing practices.

As an active participant in the ACT initiative, we assessed our purchasing practices within the ACT framework and became the first ACT brand to survey our suppliers against ACT’s Supplier Purchasing Practices Assessment.

Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International is a leading NGO working to eradicate all forms of slavery throughout the world. 

We’ve partnered with Anti-Slavery International since 2017. It supports us on our human rights due diligence process and currently on our Mauritius programme. In October 2020 we also joined many other brands and signed the Anti-Slavery International charter, which sets out basic measures that states, NGOs, businesses and societies must take to end slavery across the globe.

The Centre

(Formerly known as CCR CSR). The Centre is a child rights consultancy, working with businesses on child rights in their supply chain. It has continued to support us on child labour remediation in China.


EcForme is a Malagasy NGO delivering skills building services and access to employment, to the poorest populations in Antananarivo and throughout Madagascar, for the purposes of improving their living conditions. We’ve been working together to develop pre-departure orientation training for migrant workers considering migration to Mauritius from Madagascar.

GoodWeave International

In 2023, we signed a partnership with GoodWeave International, a non-profit organisation working to end child, forced and bonded labour in global supply chains. Our partnership is focused on addressing child labour and modern slavery risks within our supply chain in India, by tracing back each stage of a product’s manufacturing journey including to subcontractors and home-based workers. Three strategic ASOS suppliers in India exporting fashion apparel and accessories have been enrolled in the programme initially, with further suppliers to be added as the project progresses. 

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is an initiative to address UK-specific issues and ensure UK factories are fully compliant with legal requirements, and work towards achieving best-practice industry standards. We’ve continued to use the Fast Forward audit methodology in the UK to ensure our factories are fully compliant with legal requirements.

ILO Better Work

ILO Better Work is a partnership between the UN’s International Labour Organisation and the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group bringing governments, global brands, factory owners, and unions and workers together to improve working conditions in the garment industry and make the sector more competitive.

Better Work conducts assessments in all factories in scope in Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh, as well as overseeing a holistic improvement process in the majority of these factories.

IndustriALL Global Union

IndustriALL Global Union is a trade union representing 50 million workers in 140 countries in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors. We’ve had a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with IndustriALL Global Union since 2017, strengthening our approach to protecting the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

KADVAV (Women’s Solidarity Foundation)

KADVAV is a women’s rights organisation that has continued to support child labour remediation in Turkey. It also works with us on our gender programme, helping us develop training content, and coordinate and support trainers.

Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP)

OKUP is a community-based migrant rights organisation working to protect and promote the rights of migrant workers, support survivors of labour trafficking and raise awareness of migrants’ perspectives in the migration discourse. We’ve been working together to develop pre-departure orientation training for migrant workers considering migration to Mauritius from Bangladesh.

Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

The Accord is an independent, legally binding agreement between brands and trade unions to work towards a safe and healthy garment and textile industry in Bangladesh. The Accord covers factories producing Ready-Made Garments (RMG) and at the option of signatory companies, home textiles and fabric & knit accessories.

ASOS started sourcing from Bangladesh in 2019 and one of the first things we committed to was to ensure that workers have a safe working environment, to this effect we became members of the Bangladesh Accord. Our Bangladesh supply chain’s Health & Safety audits can be found here. To further this commitment, In April 2021, ASOS became the first brand to back the proposal and commit to the new legally binding agreement of the Bangladesh Accord extension and was an early signatory for the International Accord.

Advocacy and legislation

Engaging with governments on policy and legislation is required to effectively address systemic issues and achieve sustainable change across the industry and beyond. As an international business, we are supportive of the shift towards mandatory human rights due diligence legislation as we recognise the need for harmonisation and alignment of the existing and proposed frameworks. In our 2021 modern slavery statement, we expressed support for the introduction of mandatory due diligence legislation in the UK to replace the Modern Slavery Act.

Read more about our support for mandatory due diligence legislation here.