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Supply chain transparency

Transparency is the foundation to delivering long-term, tangible benefits for people in the fashion supply chain and advancing human rights. It is therefore one of the key goals of our Fashion with Integrity programme.

It means knowing exactly who makes our products, where and how they’re made – at every stage of our supply chain – and making this information publicly available. It enables us to identify and fix issues, ensure workers are respected and their rights protected, and gives our customers confidence that the clothes we deliver don’t compromise their values. It also holds us accountable, ensuring external partners and audiences can track our impact, and is a key tool in preventing and unearthing undeclared subcontracting, which we have a zero-tolerance policy towards.

We’re committed to building full visibility of our supply chain and have currently mapped tiers 1-3, with targets in place to map tiers 4 and 5.

Our factory list is updated quarterly and is also published on the Open Supply Hub. By disclosing this information, we hope to encourage greater openness and accountability across the fashion industry.

Our goal is to provide full public transparency of every own-brand product sold on ASOS by 2030 and ensure 100% of third-party brands have signed up to the Transparency Pledge by 2025.

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Auditing methodology

We’ve developed our own detailed ethical trade audit methodology, which is designed to support and encourage transparency as well as compliance with all of our policies, outlined below. Our audit programme also provides valuable input into our wider labour rights risk assessment and programme work.

Almost all audits are unannounced, giving us a more realistic picture of actual working conditions. We conduct semi-announced pre-assessments for potential new factories in all regions, to ensure that they meet ASOS standards before we begin working with them.

We work with our in-country Ethical Trade teams and third-party auditors to monitor our supply chain.

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