Our vision is to be the world’s number one fashion destination for fashion-loving 20-somethings.

Our purpose

We believe in a world where you have the freedom to explore and express yourself without judgement, no matter who you are or where you’re from. That is why our purpose is to give fashion-loving 20-somethings the confidence to be whoever they want to be.

Our values

We celebrate what makes us unique and stay true to ourselves. Our business is built on an inclusive culture which encourages passion, enthusiasm and development so you can bring your best self to work. We recognise that it’s our differences which make us stand out from the crowd, giving our ASOSers and customers the confidence to be whoever they want to be.

We’ve been bold and ambitious from the start – it’s in our DNA. We’re empowered to try something different with the freedom to fail, turning left when others turn right. We use our voice to drive us forward, speaking up on the things our people and customers care about and challenging the status quo.

We have a curious and adventurous spirit – it’s who we are and runs through everything we do. We balance leadership with learning, by being comfortable as an innovator and when following in the footsteps of others. Our products and platform are fuelled by creative passion and a deep understanding of our customers, allowing us to empower millions of people around the world.

We know that great work doesn't happen by chance. It takes facts and data to help us make decisions with conviction. It's about doing what we say and owning what we do till it's done and using data to take everyone on the journey with us. It's a strategy that allows us to create an ASOS that's built for future success.