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Shareholder FAQs

Can you provide bit more detail regarding Nick Beighton's role as COO and what he will be focusing on for the coming year?

As explained at the recent Full Year Results, Nick's main near term priorities are continuing the improvement of our IT infrastructure, completing the rollout of zonal pricing, landing the technology to enable Eurohub ramp up, improving our European service offer and improving the ASOS order processing/checkout capability. Mobile continues to be a key growth driver for the business and we are committed to developing the mobile programme and suite of new local language apps.

When will the new Eurohub be fully operational? What effect will it have on European operations once it is completed?

We are pleased with the current progress of the Eurohub which fulfils 16% of EU orders to 16 countries. These figures will increase moving into 2015.

What new innovations are in the pipelines for customers in 2015?

We continue to be focused on mobile as in time this will account for the majority of both our traffic and sales. We have introduced a new iOS app for ASOS magazine, local US, French & German iOS/Android Apps and new mobile homepages. Content and product is more closely integrated than ever before. We will continue to introduce measures that personalise our offer and we strive to provide our customers with the products they want and love, quicker. We will also drive further improvements to frequency via CRM, ASOS Premier development, loyalty, stylists, content and greater customer care.

When do you anticipate achieving your target of £2.5bn of sales?

We are confident that we have the right strategy and team in place to achieve the target in the medium term.

How many more websites do you plan to launch in 2015. Where will these be?

We currently plan to start launching new websites towards the end of 2015. These are likely to be in Northern Europe.

You talked about additional price investment in international markets. What quantum are we talking about? How likely is this to change through 2015?

Assuming our sales trajectory continues at a similar rate to this year our consequent margin would be around 4%. We are therefore proposing an injection of an additional £15-20m to energise our international business. When our infrastructure investment and our IT investment kicks in we anticipate the margin rising in time as we accrue the benefits of that investment.