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Corporate Responsibility

Working with Suppliers

About our supply chain

We currently have 185 suppliers, who between them use 545 factories across 25 countries. Our regional Ethical Trade teams are located in our main sourcing regions – China, Eastern Europe, India, Turkey and the UK – where 88% of the factories making our products are located.

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What we expect from our suppliers

We only work with suppliers and factories who share our ethical vision and are committed to both meeting our standards and improving conditions for the 101198 people working in our supply chain.

We believe in developing long-term partnerships with our suppliers and factories that are built on trust and transparency, to enable us to work together in continuously improving labour standards in our supply chain.

Assessing suppliers

Our teams assess the factories in our supply chain on their ability to meet ASOS’ Ethical Standards through supply chain mapping, desk-based risk assessments, review of audits undertaken by other companies, as well as site visits by our own regional teams – all paid for by ASOS.

We carried out 430 factory assessments during the last year to monitor how factories are performing against our standards. In June 2016, we started to undertake unannounced audits, meaning the factories were not made aware of our visit in advance, allowing us to obtain a more realistic picture of actual day-to-day working conditions. All audits undertaken at factories in our main sourcing regions will now be unannounced.

Supporting suppliers

Depending on the outcome of these assessments, we either monitor sites to ensure they continue to meet our standards, or, if any issues are found, ASOS’ regional ethical trade teams will work with the factory during the remediation process to implement improvement plans, monitor progress and provide ongoing support and training.

We hold regional workshops to increase suppliers’ understanding of our Ethical Standards and to provide an opportunity for suppliers to share ideas and best practice. During the last year, 56 suppliers attended ASOS conferences in China, Mauritius and Turkey. Starting next year, we plan to hold supplier conferences in our key sourcing regions on an annual basis.

Our aim is always to work with suppliers and factories that have difficulties meeting our standards. We believe that automatically delisting a factory or supplier as a result of a breach often only displaces the issue, rather than fixes it, at the same time as potentially making things worse for the workers in those factories.

Instead, we provide ongoing support to factories to implement improvement plans designed to raise working conditions. However, if a factory consistently fails to improve despite our best efforts to support remediation, we will, as a last resort, terminate the relationship.

"I believe ASOS would work with us to resolve issues. The answer is not just to walk away, but to help factories to improve worker conditions."

UK supplier

545Tier-one and two factories manufacturing our products. 185Suppliers supplying our products. 27Supplier companies that attended our ethical trade conferences in China, Mauritius, Turkey and the UK. 430Factory visits made by our regional Ethical Trade teams during the last year.