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Corporate Responsibility

Ethical Trade Programme

Our ethical trade vision

ASOS views ethical trade as our responsibility to ensure that every worker in our supply chain is respected and protected.

By this, we mean that everyone in our supply chain should be safe at work, financially secure and respected by their employers and fellow workers.

Programme objectives

To help us achieve our vision, ASOS’ Ethical Trade programme is focused around three strategic objectives:

  • Our sourcing practices are reviewed against our Ethical Standards and are continuously improved.
  • Our suppliers share our ethical trade vision and work with us to achieve it.
  • Workers in our supply chain have good worker-management relations, are employed in safe environments and have improved financial security.

Our Ethical Code and policies

We explain our own responsibilities and the standards we expect our suppliers to meet in a set of core documents known as ASOS’ Ethical Standards.

Ethical Trade Team

Our UK-based Ethical Trade Management Team sits within ASOS’ Sourcing Department to ensure new suppliers and factories are selected for both their ethical and commercial performance indicators.

The team provides our Buying, Merchandising and Technical Departments with training, factory visits, resources such as supplier scorecards and regular opportunities to discuss supplier performance to improve supply base understanding and to help make more informed sourcing decisions.

The team also co-ordinates country specific projects, working alongside our regional ethical trade teams and external organisations to deliver long-term improvements in local working conditions.

Our regional ethical trade teams located in our key sourcing regions – China, Eastern Europe, India, Turkey and the UK – are also responsible for monitoring and supporting suppliers and factories to help them reach the standards required to grow commercially with ASOS.

Audits are an important supplier and factory monitoring tool but need to be used as part of an overall continuous improvement programme. Our regional teams build long-term relationships with our suppliers to enable us to better identify, understand and tackle evolving local and factory level issues.

Alice Strevens
Head of Ethical Trade, ASOS

Purchasing practices

We understand that our commercial actions have a direct impact on our suppliers’ and factories’ ability to meet our standards, so a key remit of the team is to review ASOS’ purchasing practices each year in an effort to identify ways to strengthen our supplier relationships.

We work closely with our Buying and Merchandising teams to implement recommendations to further embed ethical trading in our sourcing decisions.

20 Members of the Ethical Trade team. 5 Regional Ethical Trade teams. 8 The number of years ASOS’ ethical trade programme has been in place. 27 The number of countries that we source our finished products from.