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Corporate Responsibility

Animal Welfare

Our policy

The ASOS Animal Welfare Policy applies to all of our branded and own-label suppliers, as well as ASOS Marketplace traders. It states they must:

  • Not use fur, including rabbit hair (angora) or Mongolian lambs’ fur.
  • Not use any part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species in their products.
  • Not use feather and down, shell, horn or bones in ASOS’ own-label products.
  • Not test any products or ingredients on animals.

In addition, they must:

  • Only source certain types of leather, wool, cashmere, mohair and other animal hair from suppliers with a good track record of animal welfare.

    Some beauty brands sold through ASOS.com, who also sell their products through other channels, may still be testing on animals if required by local market regulations.  ASOS is committed to working with the industry to achieve a worldwide ban on animal testing.

    Read our full Animal Welfare Policy.

Guide to identifying faux fur from real fur

Faux fur from real fur

Supporting our buyers and suppliers

We have put measures in place to educate our buyers and suppliers on the Animal Welfare Policy, including:

  • Distributing guidelines and factsheets explaining animal welfare in the fashion and beauty industry, and a step-by-step guide to sourcing higher animal welfare materials.
  • A guide to help buyers, suppliers and customers identify faux (fake) fur from real fur. We also distribute this information sheet to our vintage clothing boutique sellers on ASOS Marketplace.
  • Training workshops on the new policy and guidelines; induction training for all new staff covers the Animal Welfare Policy.

Global fashion giant ASOS [is] proving that no matter how large an organisation, animal welfare can be at the heart of successful business.

RSPCA press release

Recognition from animal welfare organisations

ASOS was recognised for the third year running in PETA’s vegan fashion awards, celebrating the most desirable cruelty-free clothing and accessories on the market.

Here’s what PETA had to say about ASOS being the first company to ban angora following the 2013 angora exposé:

By pulling all angora products from its international websites and shelves, ASOS has done the right thing for animals and consumers.

Mimi Bekhechi

ASOS was given the RSPCA’s Good Business Award for Innovation in 2012. The respected animal rights organisation praised our “impressive animal welfare policy, robust employee training programme and our in-house guide to help buyers and suppliers understand animal welfare issues and how to meet our standards.”

The RSPCA Good Business Awards rewards food and fashion companies who are working to make ongoing improvements to their animal welfare programmes.

6 The number of years that ASOS’ Animal Welfare programme has been in place. 70bn Animals reared annually for food and fashion. 2/3 Of farm animals are now factory farmed. 50m Animals are farmed and killed each year for their fur.
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