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Corporate Responsibility

Fashion With Integrity

The four pillars of our Corporate Responsibility framework

The four pillars of our Corporate Responsibility framework

We’re always working to reduce our environmental footprint. Our aim is to have a positive impact on the people and communities we work with.

We're expanding every year. This means we’re creating more jobs, helping local communities to prosper and using our increasing influence to source more sustainable materials for our products. What’s more, it puts us in the great position of being able to donate both expertise and funding to more and more charitable projects in both the UK and elsewhere.

That said, we’re fully aware that these successes mean we also create more carbon emissions and have a greater demand for natural resources. It also means we’re responsible for ensuring decent working conditions for an increasing number of supply chain workers, as well as the welfare of animals raised to produce the materials we use in our collections.

We embrace these challenges head on, working to proactively balance our global growth with goals of reducing our environmental footprint and making an increasingly positive difference to the lives of the people we work with.  That is what Fashion with Integrity is all about, and is an approach that is helping us to achieve our goal of being the number one online fashion destination for twenty-somethings.

Our Fashion With Integrity teams

Our Corporate Responsibility team consists of seven people and is overseen by the Director of Corporate Responsibility. Together, they run company-wide projects to boost awareness of all our ‘Fashion With Integrity’ efforts. It’s also their job to ensure that we actually meet the commitments we set ourselves with regards to the programme.

Our Sourcing Department also includes a Sustainable Sourcing team and Ethical Trade Management team (comprising six and 20 people respectively – plus regional Ethical Trade teams around the world). Their job is to ensure that suppliers are selected only if they meet our ethical and sustainable standards as well as our commercial requirements. The teams work closely with the Design, Buying, Merchandising and Technical departments, as well as suppliers and expert organisations.

Together, they ensure that Fashion With Integrity is integrated into both the core retail business and our supply chain.

Our Fashion With Integrity teams

2008 Corporate Responsibility programme established at ASOS. 2010 Fashion With Integrity programme launches. 2012 ASOS join the UN Global Compact. 100,543 Page views on the Corporate Responsibility website during the last financial year.


Can ASOS sponsor or donate items to our event?

We don’t sponsor events. However we may be able to help with a small donation – just fill in our contact form with details of your event, what you are fundraising for and (if relevant) a letter of authority from any associated charities.

Does ASOS provide information to brand comparison websites, such as Rank A Brand?

No, we do not actively pursue ranking schemes in order to publicise our Corporate Responsibility programmes.