Minimising our impact on the planet

We’re transforming into a Net Zero emissions business that embraces more circular systems to manage waste and resources wisely.

Be Net Zero

We will achieve Net Zero carbon emissions across our value chain by 2030, driven by emission reduction targets, and will be carbon neutral in our direct operations (offices, fulfilment centres, deliveries and returns) by 2025

We’ll get there through decarbonisation targets we’ve set in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, a global climate change and sustainability consultancy, and aligned to Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) methodology. Our targets are verified by SBTi.

Our KPIs:

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions/order by 87% by 2030 vs 2018/19 baseline


Reduce own-brand product emissions/£profit by 58% by 2030 vs 2018/19 baseline


Reduce transportation emissions/£profit by 58% by 2030 vs 2018/19 baseline


Two-thirds of third-party brands (by emissions) signed up to setting targets in line with SBTi requirements by 2025

Be More Circular

By 2030 we’ll have shifted towards more circular systems, ensuring 100% of ASOS own-brand products and packaging are made from more sustainable or recyclable materials, prioritising circular design and facilitating product recovery programmes.

Through our Be More Circular goal, we’ll embrace circular systems that prioritise extending the life of garments and conserving resources by making better material choices and using more sustainable processes.

We’ll ensure that 100% of ASOS own-brand products and packaging are produced using more sustainable or recycled materials by 2030. We’ll also continue to expand our use of circular design strategies across our full own-brand product range, and we’ll facilitate product recovery programmes in key markets to enable our customers to extend the life of their garments.

Our KPIs:

100% of ASOS own-brand products made from recycled or more sustainable materials by 2030, with pathways in place for prioritising high-impact materials.


By 2023, we’ll publish a public-facing circularity strategy to allow us to embed circular design strategies by 2030.

100% of own-brand packaging made from certified sustainable or recycled materials and be widely recyclable by 2025.


Facilitate programmes for recycling and reuse in key markets by 2030

Download our Fashion With Integrity - 2030 Strategy Report