Delivering positive benefits for people

We’re expanding transparency and human rights progress across our supply chain and setting new diversity, equity and inclusion goals for our business.

Be Transparent

By 2030, we’ll have led improvements in supply chain transparency and human rights within our supply chain and the wider industry.

Through our Be Transparent goal, we’ll accelerate progress on transparency and human rights within our own supply chain and the wider fashion industry. We’ll provide full public transparency of every own-brand product sold on ASOS by 2030 and ensure 100% of third-party brands have signed up to the Transparency Pledge by 2025. And, through a detailed, public-facing human rights strategy released each year from 2023, we’ll set out our plans to deliver benefits for people by empowering women in the supply chain, further supporting freedom of association, and working to achieve a living wage.

Our KPIs:

100% of ASOS own-brand products will have supply chains mapped to farm by 2030, extending our existing supply chain mapping. As we head towards 2030, we’ll build transparency in other areas, too, such as worker wages, union membership, and audit results.


100% of third-party brands on ASOS will have committed to the Transparency Pledge and ASOS Ethical Trading policy by 2025 at the latest


From 2023, we’ll publish an annual human rights strategy and implementation report, focused on freedom of association, gender empowerment, wages, and modern slavery. We’ll share our progress with Labour Behind the Label, part of the Clean Clothes Campaign, and existing critical friends, Anti-Slavery International and IndustriALL Global Union, for independent monitoring of our strategy and progress.

Customers will be able to easily view and interact with information on the sustainability credentials of 100% of ASOS-brand products by 2030


Be Diverse

Through our Be Diverse goal, we’ll drive diversity, equity and inclusion across every aspect of our business, with a focus on leadership representation and ensuring every ASOSer can be their authentic self at work.

Our initial targets are focused on achieving 50% female and over 15% ethnic minority representation across our combined leadership team by 2023, and at every leadership level by 2030.

Our KPIs:

At least 50% female and over 15% ethnic minority representation across our combined leadership team by 2023, and at every leadership level by 2030.


Zero statistically significant differences in engagement scores and functional attrition rates across all demographics from 2030, with all ASOSers able to be their authentic selves at work.

Over 40% female representation in engineering, product and science (technology) roles by 2030.


We’ll publish a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion strategy and roadmap for the ASOS platform, our customers, and our people by 2023

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