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Corporate Responsibility

Customer Care & Data Security

1,400 People in our Customer Care teams around the world. 24/7 Customer Care service provided 365 days a year. £12.1m Fraudulent orders prevented in the last financial year. 1.1% Of orders manually checked for fraudulent activity by our Profit Protection team.

Our Customer Care teams

Customer care team

The people working at our Customer Care centres around the world help us deliver an exceptional level of service to our customers. Over 1,400 people handle customer queries and complaints in nine different languages, across different channels – mainly email and social media – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

As with every business, we know that customers always have questions and sometimes things go wrong. Our advisors are fully trained on all aspects of the customer journey and other key topics that customers ask us about, along with clear escalation paths for complaints.

We aim to respond to social posts within 15 minutes and emails within an hour. We will proactively contact our customers when we know they have a problem. We also provide self-help information across mobile, desktop and app for all our customers.

If you have a query about an order please click here.

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Our price promise

We promise to match the price of any non-ASOS item being sold at a lower price elsewhere (not that it happens often). If a customer sees a branded item cheaper on another website, we’ll match the price. Please click for more information on Terms & Conditions.

Profit protection and anti-fraud measures

A big part of looking after our customers is the work we do around protecting their personal information and stopping fraudulent transactions. The Profit Protection team works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure threats are mitigated as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We want to make sure that our customers aren't interrupted by fraud checking, while at the same time monitoring transactions so that fraudulent orders are intercepted. We use an automatic anti-fraud system that reviews every order from around the world, and then selects a maximum of 1.1% for manual review by the Profit Protection team.

In the financial year running from September 2015 to August 2016, the team identified £12.1m of fraud that could otherwise have resulted in a 'chargeback' and loss of stock. A chargeback is a refund made by a credit card company to their card holder. Chargebacks occur when a card holder disputes an item debited from their card, usually because they claim they did not authorise the transaction. The refund is then 'charged back' to ASOS, resulting in a financial loss.

Data security

As an online business, we are very conscious of the security around our site and take protecting our customers' data extremely seriously. Our Chief Information Security Officer is dedicated to combating any IT security violations and we are continuously improving our systems, assessing how we compare to the world's best.

We have put in place technical and physical security controls to prevent unauthorised access to customer data. We guarantee to use:

  • access restrictions.
  • encryption of certain customer data.
  • alert systems.