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What We Do

Together we grow fresh talent and keep fashion moving forward

Claire Yurika Davis Designer, Hanger

We keep things moving

There’s nothing that excites us more than spotting new trends, or finding young talent, fuelling it, then letting it fly. When we decide to back a new trend or brand, we don’t dilute it – we go for it big time.

Whether it’s developing the careers of our staff, growing the social followings of our Insiders investing in a new tech platform, or growing small brands, nothing excites us more than knowing that we truly keep fashion moving forward.

ASOS Fashion

Lingerie from Elissa Poppy

ASOS Fashion

ASOS Fashion Discovery was our latest 2016 initiative to nurture two of fashion’s most exciting emerging brands, granting them £50,000 each, as well as support, mentoring and an edit of their collections sold on ASOS. 12 amazing brands made the shortlist, and then the two winners – lingerie designer Elissa Poppy and womenswear brand Hanger – were chosen by a panel of experts including fashion-industry leading lights Julia Sarr-Jamois and Sharmadean Read.

We’re committed to supporting new talent

… And that doesn’t just have to mean within the fashion industry. We know our customers are inspired by all sorts of influencers and inspirational people from around the world, so we’re passionate about helping everyone – whoever and wherever they are – look, feel and be their best.

Loyle Carner Musician

ASOS Supports Talent

We wanted to help young creatives as well as fledgling brands, so we set up ASOS Supports Talent, an initiative to nurture creative young people from various other industries so they can achieve brilliant things. From rapper/chef Loyle Carner to spoken-word artist Hollie McNish, we’re helping them pursue their passion projects.

Find out more.

We’re restlessly innovative

As a business, we’re always looking for new ways to put the customer first, whether that’s a new delivery solution to make their lives easier or stocking an exclusive brand they won’t find elsewhere. When we launch a new proposition, we go for it 100%.

ASOS Marketplace

We launched ASOS Marketplace as a platform for hot new brands and vintage pieces, meaning our customers can find something truly unique while emerging brands get the exposure they deserve. It now hosts over 1,000 boutiques worldwide, and many of the brands have been picked up by ASOS.com.

Check out @ASOS_Marketplace on Instagram.

100k+ Skus on ASOS Marketplace. 1,000+ Independent and vintage boutiques.
20 Boutiques have progressed onto ASOS.com. 49 Countries represented.