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Our Journey

Bravery is in our blood

We’re risk-takers

We set up to sell fashion online at a time when most people said it couldn’t be done. We proved it could.

We launched ASOS in the year 2000, a time when no-one really bought clothes online. Fast-forward to today, and with a lot of hard work, flexibility and creativity, we’re now the largest young fashion brand ever created to never have had a physical store.

We still take risks to this day. We back new trends, brands, platforms and people we believe in, and always go for them full throttle. We now ship to over 200 territories and principalities. We have always put the customer first – launching free delivery and returns, Premier, ASOS Magazine, ASOS A-LIST, customer care on social – and we work hard to make shopping at ASOS easy for our customers, wherever they are.

ASOS Bridal

Would you buy a wedding dress online?

ASOS Bridal

Would you buy a wedding dress online?

It’s one of the most important clothing purchases of a woman’s life, so she’s going to buy it in a boutique – right? Well, not necessarily. In 2016, we thought, ‘If so many brides love our bridesmaids dresses, why not dress the bride?’. Our hunch turned out to be correct – our first bridal range launched this year and has already been hugely popular. In sizes 6-30, with prices starting at just £60, it offers an on-trend look for every bride.

4.5 Average number of bridesmaids. 9,900+ ASOS Wedding own-label dresses sold in summer 2016.
£250 Most expensive ASOS bridal dress. 20.4k Bridal pieces sold in 2016 (including brands and separates).

Our designers trawled vintage archives to find a bridal outfit for every customer type and considered the different types of weddings. The bridal collection offers traditional dresses, but also more alternative pieces like a caped jumpsuit and separates which are perfect for the modern bride. The ASOS teams are really experienced in creating beautiful occasionwear at affordable prices. Wedding dresses can be so expensive, but we have created a collection that doesn't compromise on quality or design.

Vanessa Spence
Womenswear Design Director, ASOS

Check out the collection.

We back new ideas

We have always put the customer first when creating propositions – launching free delivery and returns, ASOS Premier, the ASOS Magazine, ASOS A-LIST and customer care on social – and we work hard to make shopping at ASOS easy for our customers, wherever they are, shipping to over 200 territories and principalities.


We are constantly trying new things to promote advocacy and loyalty, which are hugely important to us – shopping at ASOS should be more than a purely transactional experience. That’s why we launched ASOS A-LIST, our brand new loyalty programme, in 2016. It’s simple, really – you only have to shop once to be automatically enrolled and you start collecting points right away, which become ASOS A-LIST vouchers. Customers are loving it, and the feedback on social has been great.

85% Of our active UK customers are enrolled in ASOS A-LIST. 3.9m Customers collecting points with us. 1% Amount of customers who have opted out of the programme – an indication that they are loving it!

We offer something extra

Rewarding our customers with inspirational content and fashion edits is something that’s embedded into the ASOS DNA. Our much-loved ASOS Magazine gives us a chance to nurture and champion fresh talent and ideas, and it’s now available in four of our key territories – UK, US, France and Germany – so even more customers can enjoy it.

ASOS Magazine

We launched the ASOS Magazine in April 2009. Since then, we’ve shot an array of Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winning A-list talent, including Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham, Solange Knowles, Brie Larson, Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley, Star Wars' Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, and Elle Fanning.

£17m Amount of PR value added by the Taylor Swift cover. 700k Customers globally receive ASOS Magazine.