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How We Do It

We put the customer first

Shopping without barriers

Our approach is a combination of getting the technology and logistics right to give our customer a best-in-class service – we believe there should be no barriers to getting that new outfit, whoever and wherever you are.

Our distribution structure – including fulfilment centres around the world to reduce delivery times and increased automation at our warehouses to help things along – means we can offer the customer their new threads quicker than ever. Our customer care is available 24/7, 365 days a year, with native language support available, too. And the shopping experience itself? Well, we’re determined to be awesome on mobile, so our customers can shop whenever and wherever they want.

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The ASOS app

The ASOS app

We are as much a technology company as a fashion company. The same restlessly innovative and creative approach our designers take to our products is equally felt by our tech teams. They’re constantly looking to develop the next big thing in online shopping, whether that be a new app, a cool shopping hack like having your saved items sync across all your devices, or making our search function even slicker, nothing is too big or too small.

We recently overhauled our app, starting from scratch and using the latest technologies to create the best shopping experience possible. Including much-loved features like our famous video catwalks, and new ones like recommendations based on your previous purchases, it’s been a hit with customers, who’ve rated it five stars in the App Store.

10m Active installs of the ASOS app. 8 Amount of times customers use the app per month. 75 Amount of time a customer spends on the app per month. 69% Of all traffic now comes from mobile devices.

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The best experiences

Buying clothes is not just a transaction – you’re buying into a look, a trend or a lifestyle, too. At ASOS, the shopping journey is infused with content and inspirational styling advice, whether that’s via social media, video, the magazine or the site itself. Our content aims to help the customer edit their shopping basket, style up their buys and inspires them to look, feel and be their best in their wider lives, too. It’s useful and inspirational – like a stylish best friend.

Content is key

From interviews with up-and-coming young creatives in the ASOS Magazine and beautiful shots on the homepages to on-site celebrity style content or the newest buys on social, it’s all about getting immersed in the world of fashion and ASOS. You’ll find how-to videos on YouTube, product edits within the shopping journey, ‘get the look’ links at the bottom of articles or podcast interviews with young creatives.

2,000m Pieces of uniquely crafted content per day. 60,000+ Pieces of content per month.
30 Videos per month. 615 Articles on site per month.
80+ Content producers, representing eight nationalities.